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27/02/2020 New Artist Help Center & Forum



  • Avi Rosenfeld

    We still didn't receive the payments of "Jamendo stream licensing revenue share" for WHOLE 2020 year and for half 2017 year ... Can you please provide the explanation and payments?
    And don't delete this comment, this is illegal holding those payments.

  • themindorchestra

    I Do not understand why Jamendo cannot just get these payments up to date after all this time - I've been a Jamendo artist since 2008 - that's 13 years ! still haven't got your act together...… Such a shame as the ethos the good work of the staff and the music is spot on- the management have to fix this. My licencing revenue share is only up to date for 2019- last year and we are on our way to five months into 21 and nothing. Your banking peoples money for years at a time without paying out. That's a 17 month delay on payments- totally unacceptable.

    I remember starting a thread years back complaining of this and despite some progress its lagging behind again. If the only way you can pay the staff and running costs is holding onto peoples money then say so- but pretending year on year its not possible to fix this is again unacceptable. I would like to hear from senior management at the company what the score is definitively. 

    On another note Jamendo should reintroduce the ability for listeners to donate to artists, I never understood why that was taken away. I'm not being funny but give me a job there and ill sort this all out for the artists ! Get the donations button back- pay up what's owed to the artists and lets make Jamendo awesome again please ! 



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