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    Hello Matiblo,

    The tantieme you are referring to is actually the german term for royalties. For the use of a musical work, privately or professionally such royalties have to be paid to the artist(s). Note: the artist does not need to pay royalties but receives royalties.

    Those royalties are usually paid to a collecting society (like GEMA in Germany). Artists on Jamendo are not registered with such a collecting society. This however does not necessarily mean that the works are free of royalties.

    On our Music platform ( all tracks are available for free for private use under Creative Commons (an alternative model to the classical royalties - more info here).

    For a commercial use, you can acquire licenses on our professional platform ( The royalties are here directly paid by Jamendo to the artist, without the intermediary of a collecting society. This means that we can offer lower prices and artists can earn a proportionally higher share for their music.

    I hope this could give you a basic overview of the tantieme/royalties.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

    Best, Laura

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