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    Artist Services

    Hello everyone,




    First of all, please accept our apologies for the delay. We've been running with a rather limited staff in our support team and combined with the usual end of the year rush period, we've accumulated a backlog of tickets. But everyone is back and we're catching up!

    There are two topics:

    1) PayPal payments:

    Some of you have indeed been waiting for a PayPal payment and we're almost done, our team is completing the last ones as of now. I've just checked the list and we're 70% done, everything will be completely back to normal before the end of month. We can then go back to the usual rhythm!

    By the way, for those concerned, we've made sure to pay out your current balance, so it includes not only what you asked when you clicked on the GET PAID button, but it also includes what you could have asked in the meantime.

    2) In-Store Streaming revenue share

    That's the one most of you had been mentioning. We've been slower than expected to solve the issue we've faced regarding the reporting but we're ready to move now. Our team is working on a schedule for those injections and I'll let you know more as soon as it's defined. I'll probably be able to communicate more mid next week.


    On another note, we'll have before the end of the first quarter another Help Center fully dedicated to artists, with a forum designed just for you. We'll make sure to include a topic related to payments in general so that we can centralise all the important infos in one sticky thread.

    In the meantime, feel free to reply back here, I'll be checking the board really often.

    We are also doing everything we can to make sure this inconvenience won't happen again.

    Thanks a lot for your understanding and once again, let me know if any questions,


    We'll be making a first In-Store injection this Friday, which will include the month of April 2017. We'll get back to you shortly after to let you know more about our ongoing plan to catch up with the remaining months. Our goal is to keep a steady flow to make sure your balances are regularly updated and so that we can catch up swiftly.

    • For those of you who clicked on the 'GET PAID' button in January and who are thus awaiting a payment in the first 10 days of February: this amount, as always, will directly be added to the amount that you've requested
    • For those of you who didn't click on the 'GET PAID' button in January: if your balance now reach the usual threshold, you'll be able to request a payment for March

    EDIT FROM MARCH, 4TH 2019:

    Hello everyone,

    As promised, we are getting back to you with a schedule regarding the In-Store Royalties (Jamendo Stream Licensing Revenue Share) for 2017/2018.

    We hope this can help you have a clearer financial overview for the year to come and bring, as much as possible, some peace of mind in the given situation.  

    As you’ve already noticed, we’ve made a first injection (regarding the month of April 2017) at the end of January 2019. The next In-Store Royalties injection batches will be made as follow:

    • The revenues linked to January, February & March 2018 will be visible in your account in April 2019
    • The revenues linked to April, May & June 2018 will be visible in your account in July 2019
    • The revenues linked to July, August & September 2018 will be visible in your account in October 2019
    • The revenues linked to October, November & December 2018 will be visible in your account in January 2020
    • Regarding 2017 and the remaining, open months: we’ll make sure they’re injected in batches,  in between the above mentioned payments

    As you already know: the In-Store Royalties are related to our offer for stores & commercial establishments. They play the Jamendo content within their premises during a year. At the end of their contract we analyse all the data and inject the revenues accordingly in your accounts. This explains the contractual one-year window between the beginning of the customer contract and the actual injection.

    All royalties and payments linked to the Catalog program (music for sync projects such as advertising videos, films, video games, etc.) will happen, as usual, between the first and the tenth of each month, if you clicked on the GET PAID button during the previous month.

    We assure you that we are doing our best to sort this situation and we are also working relentlessly to create a new internal flow aiming at preventing a similar situation in the future.  

    Thank you very much for all your understanding and trust and we are here as always.

  • plastic-music

    I've just registered to ask the same question - when our stream licensing revenue share will be paid? 

    Thank you!

    Alex (Plastic3)

  • TimTaj

    Hello! I have the same question! 3 months have passed, but the money is still hanging on hold. Wrote in support several times. but still not received a response. When will the payment be?

    Thank you!


  • Giacomo Chighine

    Without any answers from them, I googled Jamendo and on the news, here we are, back in February and May: 

    Seems like they lost some trials ... and money...


  • Fonogeri

    Anyone has any update on this? I haven't received a payment since May.

    I wrote to them in August because I did not see any updates on the revenues on my dashboard, and a guy named "Valentin" replied me this: "We've noticed that some of the reports we've received from our partners contain some inaccuracies so our our team is double checking all the listen stats to make sure we make the right revenue injections. This will slightly delay the next injection but we're doing our best to display it on your accounts asap."

    Then Laura answered to my message again in October : "We were sadly not able to proceed with the injections of the In-Store revenue shares as expected. Let me see if I can push yours to be made within the next two weeks."

    Two weeks later I wrote a message again, the answer was: "Our team is still working on it and we're doing our best to get this done asap. We're truly sorry for any inconvenience caused by this delay. "

    I wrote to them on the 19th of November this: "When will my revenues be shown and paid, this is ridiculous that I'm just getting e-mails from you that hopefully everything will be OK in two weeks (or soon), but that is many months by now and still nothing happens on my dashboard. I have been a Jamendo artist member for about 9 years, but never noticed such a bad delay. I understand that you have problems with the invoices with the partners, but damn, get more employers or subcontractors and get that job done, review the numbers in full time. Jamendo exists because of the contents of the artists, you should serve the artist in the first place. Can I speak with somebody, e.g. the manager of the payment team, or the CEO? Please give me a contact to anyone of them."

    I did not get a reply for this one... :)


  • Lena Orsa

    Hello everyone,
    I have the same question. 2 months have passed, but I haven't received a payment...
    I hope that this situation will be resolved in the nearest future.

    Thank you!

    Lena Orsa


  • sion-uk

    I am having exactly the same issue, last transaction was in May 2018, nothing since and I tend to get quite a few. 

    I've sent several e-mails and had the exact same responses as Fonojeri so they are generic replies. 

    Now they are ignoring my emails.

    Has anybody receveid a payment or have transactions in their account since May 2018?

    Are Jamendo on the verge of collapse or going to cut and run?

  • Giacomo Chighine

    I find it very disrespectful getting no answer to our questions from the Jamendo staff.

    Why putting a community forum online when they won't answer to any of our questions, just to clear for once our doubts?

    In the meantime, where is all our money going? What if we would all decide to leave ?

  • Fonogeri

    Hi All,

    For me, nothing has been changed, I'm still waiting since summer. I haven't written to them since November.

    The strange thing, that Jamendo is very active on Facebook and still manages the Jamendo Pro Radio channels, everything seems to be fine (to the users).

    I'm thinking about waiting for some months, let's say, until May, and then I'll take legal action if necessary. This could even be a more powerful step that if that we, artists, would be the suitors and form a joinder. But I hope that this will never happen.

    Just imagine that Jamendo pays for one year back, so if they are playing your music still, then more than one year's income has been held by them. I'm not doing music for the money, but I have created a sole proprietorship in order to pay the taxes after my income, and I have expenses towards the tax office. Now, I have more expenses than incomes from Jamendo, so this is getting sticky for me.

    Anyone who got a payment nowadays, would be so kind and leave a small message here on the forum, that would be appreciated! Thank you.

  • Ralf Gründer

    My songs are streamed over 5 million times at JAMENDO. For eight months I have not received a cent from JAMENDO, for eight months none money for licensing revenue share. I am angry!!!

    I also complained on the Jamendo Facebook page. We should all leave a comment on Facebook.

    Ralf G., Artist by JAMENDO

  • Alexander (plastic3)

    "My songs are streamed over 5 million times at JAMENDO. "

    Hi Ralf!

    Where it's possible to see the quantity of streams of our music?



  • Ralf Gründer

    Hi Alexander,


    look here:

  • Artist Services

    I also wanted to make a quick reply regarding the statistics that you can see on the screenshot posted by Ralf.

    This conversation is linked to two topics that are not related to one another:

    1) Our In-Store background music service, allowing stores to play your content in their premises. Those licenses generate the amounts that you receive as part of the 'Jamendo Stream Revenue Share'.

    2) The free experience on Jamendo Music for personal use

    The stats you can see in the screenshot provided by Ralf (thanks for this!) are always and only linked to Jamendo Music, which doesn't generate any revenues as of today, neither for the artist community nor for us as a company. The whole experience is based on Creative Commons and the idea of freely connecting artists & music fans.

    Taking this into account, we can definitely improve the way the 'Jamendo Stream Revenue Share' is phrased to avoid this confusion. The future artist Help Center I mention in my official reply above will also present thorougher explanations of all our services, so everything should be clearer.

    Regarding the listen stats of your works within the In-Store background music service, you're able to discover the number of plays when we make an injection. When you see this in your 'Transactions' tab:

    You can actually click on it to expand the window and in order to display the play stats per track for this period:

    I hope this helps!

    Let me know if I can further dig into this topic with you.

  • Artist Services

    We've also edited the title so that this thread can become the central discussion point in relation to this topic, thanks to Giacomo for having opened the discussion.

  • Ralf Gründer

    The problem:
    Since May 2018, no transactions are displayed !!!


  • Artist Services

    Hi Ralf,

    Thanks for your reply!

    As detailed in my official comment at the top of the thread (just below the original post by Giacomo), we'll be able to update you at the beginning of next week regarding the next In-Store injection ('Jamendo stream licensing revenue share').

    If there is anything I can do until then, just let me know!


  • TimTaj

    Hello Valentine! I would really like to participate in Jamendo stream licensing, but why, my tracks are not accepted there. What do i do?

  • Artist Services

    Hi TimTaj!

    It's actually linked to the nature of your tracks.

    Your works are excellent productions for synchronisation projects such as advertising videos, corporate videos, documentaries and other multimedia projects. This is what we call the 'Catalogue' program in your artist account and on our website. What you produce is exactly the type of content that our customers are looking for!

    The In-Store program has nevertheless a completely different scope: we're talking here about restaurants, fashion stores and other types of commercial establishments looking for background music to cover their opening hours. The type of content that we need for this program is really different than for the 'Catalogue' program, we need content closer to what you can actually listen to on the radio or on a traditional streaming platform. You can check out all the genres we offer to our customers on this page. Two quick track examples:

    That's why your works are always accepted for the 'Catalogue' program but rejected for the 'In-Store' one. It doesn't mean they're not good, it just means that it's not the type of content our customers expect for this specific use. If you're willing to produce different music genres in line with the selections we offer to our In-Store customers, we'd be definitely willing to accept them if they meet our requirements!

    Hope this helps!

  • TimTaj

    I checked the page and there are such genres as "POP / DANCE / FASHION" and I have a lot of tracks from these genres in my catalog, and they were not accepted.

    Here is an example of tracks that were not accepted in the pop and dance genre.

    And this is not all the tracks!

  • Artist Services

    Thanks for the links!

    Those works are actually instrumental works, well produced, but they still have this rather corporate feeling, which makes them an excellent pick for video producers.

    Once again, it absolutely doesn't mean that they're not good, they're just more tailored to synchronisation projects (videos).

    Since we're using the specific example of the dance selection, let me share with you an example of the type of content we expect for this one. A good example could be this one by Ed Napoli or this one by The Same Persons. As you'll probably hear, they both have vocals and this "radio friendly" feeling. You could turn on the radio in your car and hear those tracks playing, which isn't always the case for sync friendly tracks.

  • Blue_Giraffe

    Hi everyone!

    1. I understood that your team catches up with the delayed payments to all authors now. And when payment for December will be made? In what dates of January? And whether there will be it in general?
    2. Whether it is possible as that to learn whether use my tracks as background maintenance? 
    3. Whether recession of clients after holidays owing to what really is now felt the number of the sold licenses decreased?


  • Artist Services

    Hi again Blue_Giraffe!

    Let me tackle those questions one by one:

    1) I see we have less than 20 payments remaining and you're (sadly) in there, it is just a matter of a couple of days. I'll send out a quick reminder to our team though, just to make sure.

    2) You can check in your account if they've been approved for the In-Store program, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they have actually been added to an In-Store radio by our curators. Let me detail the process:

    Artists submit their tracks to the Catalog and/or In-Store program. Our moderation team checks if they meet our quality standards, if they are legally cleared and if they have commercial potential for the selected program. We don't want to accept works that we know won't perform, because in the end, seeing the track not generating any revenue will be a source of frustration for the artist.

    Once a song has been approved for the In-Store program by our moderation team, it becomes part of a pool of tracks that can be selected by our programmers. If added to a radio, the track(s) can then generate revenues for you.

    To check if some of your works have been accepted in the program, you just need to visit your account. Go to 'Sign up for Jamendo Licensing'. Use the arrows to expand one of your albums and you'll see in the column 'In-Store' either a green tick-box or a red cross.

    You nevertheless cannot check (yet) in real time if one of the accepted tracks is part of our In-Store radios, you actually have to wait for the report to be injected. From what I can see, your epic works have been added to the radio 'Epic' at the end of the year, so it'll take a bit of time before we know exactly what they've generated. The epic radio is also really recent.

    3) Nothing weird, since we're B2B we have some seasonality and January is always slowly catching up after the end of the year holidays. Q4 2018 has nevertheless been one of the strongest in our history.

    Let me know if I can shed some additional light!


  • Pablo Recabal

    Hi Valentin, 

    any news regarding the next In-Store injection ?

    I haven't seen any movement since May of 2018. 




  • Ralf Gründer

    Hi Pablo,

    I was promised to update everything and make a payment last week. JAMENDO lies to us every day :-(

    Nothing has been done !!!

    Here is a current screenshot.

    Regards, Ralf

  • Artist Services


    We should have this update shortly, I'm still waiting for it. I'll definitely post as soon as I have it.


    Regarding the difference between payment & injection, I've updated the other topic.

  • cedric rey

    Hi Valentin, any update about the Stream revenues ?

  • markdross1970

    Hi Valentin, can you tell us the truth about what really happens on jamendo ? You keep giving answers that are not good.Please give us any update about the revenue stream share.


  • Artist Services

    Hi everyone,

    First update for you: we'll be making a first In-Store injection this Friday, which will include the month of April 2017. We'll get back to you shortly after to let you know more about our ongoing plan to catch up with the remaining months. Our goal is to keep a steady flow to make sure your balances are regularly updated and so that we can catch up swiftly.

    • For those of you who clicked on the 'GET PAID' button in January and who are thus awaiting a payment in the first 10 days of February: this amount, as always, will directly be added to the amount that you've requested
    • For those of you who didn't click on the 'GET PAID' button in January: if your balance now reaches the usual threshold, you'll be able to request a payment for March
  • Artist Services

    The first injection has just been made, you can now see the In-Store revenues linked to April 2017 in your accounts. We'll follow up as soon as possible with our ongoing plan to catch up with the remaining months.

  • Pablo Recabal


    It is obvious the company is having issues with its cash flow. 

    As artists and partners to Jamendo I believe we deserve at least this kind of transparency. This is what I'd expect to build trust and encourage me to remain loyal to the platform.

    At this point, I'm feeling disappointed in the way the company has handled its financial hardship. It makes me distrust you and want to take my music somewhere else. I hope you can pass this message on inside the company and make a change in the way you've been taking care of your artists. 




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