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    Hi Дмитрий,

    I'm sadly not 100% sure to completely understand your question, could you please try to rephrase it in English? 

    Thanks in advance!

  • glass Tormazov

    Most likely, Dmitry wants to know where he can monitor the statistics of tracks on YouTube, laid out by him on Jamendo.

  • Artist Services

    Thanks a lot for the help Tormazov! 

    When you're in your artist dashboard on, in the menu on the left, you can go down and click on the section 'YouTube Transactions'. The first results will be displayed in March 2019 and then every 3 months after that.

    For each video using your content, you'll be able to see:

    • The URL of the video
    • The number of views
    • Your earnings for this specific video

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any additional information regarding the YouTube reporting.

  • Привет! Спасибо за ответ. Но, нету отображений . Должно было быть 15.0319. Нечего не знаю о своих треках на YouTube. И не вижу их там!



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