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in store quality of music....



  • Artist Services

    Hi Daniel!

    It's indeed something we need to improve since the email is quite vague. As you can imagine, it's impossible for us to provide a customised feedback for each new upload but there is definitely room for improvement.

    Can you just send me a link to your artist profile? I'll then forward it to our music team who'll be in touch with a proper review.

    Thanks in advance!

  • jasa joki ML


    original you music


    Well, Jamendo Team, it's just seems you're almost not licensing any original music. Since 2017, I have some 60 pieces submitted (out of 94). I'm fed up with rejections, so I terminated submissions for licensing. So, you're still a channel to feed my works to broad auditorium (which they gladly consume, seeing from number of downloads (almost half of what's listened to)). As the head-author mentioned here - it will be a good thing to outline the so-called "quality terms".

    Vadim for Cup Pusta

  • AlfRaMusic

    I'm also just about to give up! Almost everything is rejected, since a while now. No idea why, because the explanations are far too general! That makes the suggestion to try again somehow superfluous! One does not know what to Change!

  • Antonio Fiorucci

    I also have the same problem, they refuse me everything.
    It would be nice to know why

  • Artist Services

    Hi everyone,

    We're preparing a couple of articles exploring what we expect content-wise for the two programs In-Store & Catalog. We'll tackle both the production quality and what's the type of content we're looking for.

    We're also working on a newsletter dedicated to Licensing composers which will give you tips on what to create next.

    In terms of timeframe:

    • the articles will be available before the holiday period
    • the first version of the newsletter will be sent end of January

    Hope this will help!


  • lashanelewis8985

    Original. Music an artist

  • Hi,

    did those articles on production quality and content type appear yet?



    I haven't seen anything so far.


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