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Again, No Transactions and no payments for the last 8 Months until january 2019



  • Artist Services


    Thanks a lot for this message and please be assured that we really understand.

    I've provided a first update right now in this thread. As explained, we'll follow-up shortly after with additional news regarding how to catch up, but our goal is to make sure that you have a steady flow of In-Store revenue in 2019 and beyond.

  • cool30002011


    I understand your point of view, but explain me why a lot is still missing on my balance account, related to the sharing revenue sinds last year 2018 until now (more than 8 months), unbelievable, not ended story, there is not enough real update of the right earnings, i see just just little euro's for the poor man artist.

    Can you explain me very clear, why  all this matter that the artist can't understand about JAMENDO SHARING SYSTEM, not transparant enough. Where are the high stuff who take the right decision before it will be late for the licensing business.

    I need real answers and not excuses please about stuff and something like that…… we have the right to get what we deserve, because we share our hard work with you and jamendo has a big part of benefits in it. is it right??

    Your answer has to be redirected to the concerned artists names:

    1. Café Del Chillia

    2. Eivissa Salinas feat. dj Hseres

    I hope my message is enough clear to understand and let me know when my balance will be fixed with all the missing revenue sharing of the last month from 2018 until now.


    Thanks for your answer in advance.


    H. SOKHN



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