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  • Sebastian Kretzschmar (Chill Carrier)

    Hi Atif,

    for music released under a Creative Commons license there are cases in which the license does allow you to re-use the original piece of music freely in your own work ("remix"). Yet you will have to at least always give credit to the original.

    You can learn all about the different CC licenses under 

    Once you know which licenses would work for you (i.e. CC BY, CC BY-SA) you can closely look around on for tracks released under those licenses.

    For the paid licenses by Jamendo I'm not sure if any of them would allow you to distribute another artist's work partly or in full as your own work even if it is changed in some way. It probably would also result in many problems when it comes to fingerprinting systems like YouTube's ContentID system.

    As a long time artist I highly suggest that you don't use other artist's work as base to your own work unless you are 100% sure that the artist is fine with that. In most cases directly contacting an artist whose tracks you woud like to work with is the proper way to choose, I think.

    All the best


    Edit: Valentin has posted a very good overview of the main Creative Commons licensing conditions here


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