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HELP NEEDED...cant add a song to a playlist or my favourites...



  • Official comment

    Hello Corrinne,

     Sorry to read that you have trouble with favorites and creating playlists. From your description it seems that the problem is most likely cache-related. If you login to Jamendo from a different internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), you should have not problem using those features. Could you confirm if this works.

    I will of course investigate this further and will keep you updated of any changes.

  • Corrinne Brownhill

    No sorry it didn't work. I used Microsoft Edge.

  • Quint S Ence

    Yes I'm having the same problem, I favorite artists and tracks and tried a few times to create a playlist but it doesn't work. ???

    I've also noticed that I have over 200 listens and more 50 downloads on one of my tracks but no favorites...? I'm pretty sure that at least one of those people who dowloaded have favorited the track. It seems very much like there is a bug in the system somewhere.

  • Artist Services

    Hello guys,

    Regarding the Favourites issue:

    We're indeed experiencing some issues related to the tracks and albums added as Favourites. This problem is account specific meaning that it doesn't impact all users in the same way but our tech team is working on a fix for this. We'll first release this fix for the desktop version and then update the mobile versions.

    @Corrinne, regarding the playlist creation problem: I've run several tests on Edge and I'm currently unable to reproduce it. Can you confirm if you proceed as follow:

    1) In the menu on the left, you select MY PLAYLISTS

    2) You visit a playlist page by clicking on one of your playlists

    3) You randomly choose a track (without clicking on it) and use playlist icon to add it to a new playlist you're just creating

    4) You visit MY PLAYLISTS once again but the freshly created playlist isn't there.

    Am I correct or did I misunderstood part of the process?

    Thanks in advance & looking forward to helping you solve this,





  • David Karlsson


    I can't seem to add favorites to either artists or albums.. used to work fine until just recently.. tried in different

  • AlfRaMusic

    I can no longer add tracks to the playlists!

  • Artist Services

    Hi AlfRaMusic,

    Correct, we've sadly noticed the same problem, and the issue has been reported to our dev team. I'll post an update in this thread as soon as we've released a fix.


  • AlfRaMusic

    Thank you, Valentin!

  • Alex V.

    Hello ! I have the same problem with Firefox 73.0 (64 bits)

    No fav, no playlist ... :(

    I hope it will be fixed soon !

  • Artist Services

    Hi Alex,

    Quick update: our team is working on the playlist problem, the fix should be online in the days to come. 




  • Edson Vicente Carli Junior

    I have this problem too. Do you have some progress in the last 2 years? 

  • Bonus Loot Gaming

    Same problem here, any update?


  • Edson Vicente Carli Junior

    No, unacceptable, the problem persists.


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