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Can I use music on my web radio without problems?



  • Official comment

    Hello Gil Santos,

    Glad to read that you enjoy the music.

    There are basically two options allowing you to use the music in your web-radio:

    1. You can use the tracks from Jamendo Music ( ), respecting the conditions of their Creative Commons licenses (CC). This is, however, a bit cumbersome as you would have to check the CC license of each track separately.
    2. We can offer you a Jamendo license with access to +7.000 tracks that you can broadcast on your web-radio. The license grants you a certificate of use, proofing your rights and exempting you from any further royalty payments. With a Jamendo license, you will not have to take the Creative Commons into consideration.

    If you are interested in a proper license, simply let me know in your reply.

    AlfRaMusic: the difference is not so much made between a public and a private web-radio, however, we do recommend an official Jamendo license for commercial web-radios as it gives you more legal security.

    Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have further question. Best,

  • AlfRaMusic

    That will depend on the license! In general, an Internet radio is public and not private! I think someone will answer you who knows more about it!

  • AlfRaMusic

    Thank you Laura, for the clarification!

  • px22a

    I think that for a non-profit web radio you can use jamendo music without problems, right?


    I can't find the jamendo license for 7000 topics to see the information.
    I would like to inform myself about that license





  • Laura

    Hello px22a

    For the use of the tracks on Jamendo Music ( ) you will need to follow the conditions of the Creative Commons licenses, whether your radio is commercial or non-profit. Did you have a chance to look at the Creative Commons conditions?

    Regarding the official Jamendo license, this license is currently not available online on the website. My colleague will reach out to you shortly via email with our offer for web-radios.


  • Giva

    Hello, I would also like to get an offer to use the music on web radio. How can I get?

  • Marcin

    @px22a - do you get email with offer? Can you share contact to Jamendo? I need to ask someone about...

  • Laura

    Hello Marcin and Giva. Thank you for reaching out and we apologize for the late reply. Can you please contact us by e-mail at for more information on web-radios. Thank you!


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