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CC ND and Youtube Monetization



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    Hi Sebastian,

    YouTube Content ID aims at monetizing wrongful uses of your content on YouTube. If the tracks are under ND, it means that the video producer theoretically shouldn't have used your content in the first place, hence the fact that the claim we display is legitimate. 

    If the track was under CC BY, it'd mean that the video producer can use the song in her/his creation. In this case, why would we be claiming the video? There wouldn't be any valid reason for this.

    We've readied several articles about YouTube Content ID in the artist Help-Center (under construction).

    Let me know if I can do anything else,


  • Hi Valentin,

    thank you for your fast reply.

    Yeah, now that you mention it that totally does make sense.

    Could CC BY NC only tracks be potentially misused too? I mean claiming those would be making sense as well, wouldn't it?


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    Hi again Sebastian Kretzschmar (Chill Carrier)

    In an ideal world this would make sense, but the NC condition would be much tougher to enforce for the technology behind YouTube Content ID: how could the algorithm detect if the video has a commercial purpose or not? It's highly possible that the video isn't monetized by the video producer, but nonetheless serve a corporate/advertising purpose.

    Another important element is that YouTube doesn't acknowledge Creative Commons licenses: when we send content under CC BY-NC-ND, we know it's legitimate because ND means no videos. But since we cannot specify the NC condition and since the algorithm has absolutely no way to really understand if it's commercial or not, it's not really enforceable.

    Let me know if I haven't made it clear enough :o)




  • Thanks Valentin, yeah you made it totally clear! :-)


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