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Is there a way to report an CC-artist who reports my videos as violating their license?


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  • wizardozbox


    1. CC license does not prohibit authors from registering their tracks in Content ID Systems (AdRev, Identifyy) and monetize them. Even if the track is distributed with the right to use it in commercial products. After downloading the track under the CC license, you do not become the copyright holder. You just get the right to use it, while the author has every right to do with his work as he pleases, including its monetization.

    2. What's a problem to buy a license? Jamendo gives you an amazing opportunity to buy an official track license! Just find those tracks, buy personal license (or standard, depends on your needs), show invoice to YouTube and they will release claim, return monetization on your video and you will have no need to do unnecessary work (like finding new music) and no problems!

    I hope all of the above will slightly cool your ardor and you will understand that authors can dispose of their СС works as they please. Be grateful that they let you use their compositions for free!




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